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Here some reviews of our CDs and other works from people around the world.

Neal Clark, New Hampshire

"The More Things Change " is by far your best recording. Production is easily adequate; vocals fine, instruments clear. 12-string city ! You sound fairly similar to T.P. Back to the Roots: it got me hoked right away. It could be RM on the Ric. Boogie Road: ok The More Things Change: very good. Great guitars When the Feelings are gone: super. Heart-felt vocals by Ritchie. Tasteful mouth-harp Hangover Blues: different Song for John: good Crazy Ladies: Never heard before. Fine Rainy Day: special effects effective Wish I could stay: Rainy Day # 2 (?) Cry in the Night: nice touch with the piano Circle of Friends: good tribute Josephine: finally a fade-out Time to go: Another fade-out which I like Congratulation on a wonderful job. My kind of music.

I`m proud of you for keeping up the tradition.
Neal Clark

Richard Gordon, Seattle

Hi Horst-Peter and Ritchie,

I e-mailed you right after the package of CD's arrived. I'm listening to your CD's almost constantly... They are absolutely fantastic! What an impressive body of work you've produced! Frankly, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of all this material... There's so much to listen to and so much to hear! But I'm very glad I got all of them, because, there isn't a single CD in the package that isn't truly remarkable or that doesn't deserve to be heard time and again!! And at every turn, exactly as advertised, there's "that sound" - more classic jangle than I've ever heard from any single source but one. (And, frankly, you might even have that one beat...!) It's a true treasure trove of material that combines the best of The Byrds, McGuinn, Tom Petty, The Eagles, Dire Straits, The Beatles, etc., all in one...

After spending years hunting down various obscure Byrds cuts looking for a few extra minutes of "that sound" I might not have heard yet - to now, quite suddenly, find so much material all at once that sounds so "right" is truly amazing... Rather like suddenly discovering a treasure trove containing the life-long lost recordings of McGuinn's unknown twin brother! Almost too good to be true. If I hadn't actually heard it, I'd be skeptical that it even really exists or that it could possibly be so good! And if, after hearing it, I'd been told that it really was a combination of Byrds, Petty, Eagles, Dire Straits, etc. outtakes - well, what's not to believe (except to ask,'gee, why didn't they release any of that')?

By all means, up the good work! (And please do keep me on your mailing list for all future releases, etc.)

Thanks again!
Richard Gordon, Seattle

Dave "Trucker" Lewis, Kentucky

Well the CD is just great. You see, I have a thing for LIVE music, I much prefer live to studio anyday. erse thats what was so great about the Five real Byrds, they were so wonderfully ragged on stage, off key at times, out of tune, sloppy just REAL. I like that better. Dont get me wrong, I like studio as well, but live can propell me out into the universe. Your live CD is actually done quite well, and I also prefer the live Josephine version, tho I do like the other as well, I also like that guitar in it. Is that you or Ritchie? Im so glad that one of my faves is on it, Time To Go, also I loved hearing I think is Manfred talking introducing folks, its a great disk my friend, thank you again. Please record some live stuff, I really want it. Well it is time to go so ! I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Good Old American Buddy Dave Lewis

Clark Eldridge

I think I have found what I have been looking for since I seen the Movie "A Hard Day's Night". George had that weird looking 12 String guitar that sounded wonderful, but when I got into The Beatles I found out that George did not use The 12 String RIC much more after that. I set out to find a band that DID, and that was The Byrds and Roger McGuinn. That has filled me up pretty good over the years, but somehow I always wanted more. If there is anyone out there like me, that starves for the sound of the 12 String RIC played in the tradition of The Byrds and Roger McGuinn, your wait is over. I hope that everyone in this newsgroup checks out The Different Faces, and Horst-Peter Schmidt. Horst-Peter is one of us, I seen him write here before. He is GREAT, the music is top notch, and produced very well, its booms out of your speakers, not weak at all.

I just bought 4 CDs from Horst, and every one of them is filled with 12 String RIC on EVERY song, played in every style of Roger McGuinn, and some of his own. I have to give a big thanks to the person that tipped me off about Horst-Peter, he is everything he said he was and more. His music is worth every penny. You have to take a risk in ordering, but he came through for me big time. I can't stress this enough, you all have to know that this is it, this is as close to the real McCoy you can get, and more, he gives us MORE RIC then Roger does. Just think of Roger's 70s solo records, take them, and add a lot more RIC 12 to them, if you do that, you got Horst-Peter Schmidt and The Different Faces. On his "Back To The Roots" CD he does a killer "Lover of The Bayou" and some other Byrds Covers, but he also writes great music of his own done in the McGuinn style. Horst is doing what I wish McGuinn has been doing, and doing now. Horst sounds just like Roger. I hope everyone checks him out.

Im a happy camper in 12 string heaven. Glad you had a great time on your Holliday, keep in touch, and let me know of any new music you are doing.

Clark Eldridge

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